Short History

The children and young people in the service were asked if they knew about any famous kids in care. Casper "the friendly ghost" came up as a suggestion. He was an interesting choice on a couple of levels but the thing that struck a chord with people is that Casper was a ghost and invisible to most humans in some ways, like how kids in care report they feel. An acronym that stated exactly what the service did and would work with CASPER was devised. One of the young people said that we would have to have the word adolescent because that is what he is. So the name CASPA was created ... Children & Adolescent Specialist Programs & Accommodation.

In recent years, CASPA has grown from strength to strength and is now running programs that include Statutory Therapeutic Residential Out-of-Home care, Foster Care, Adoption and Guardianship services, Therapeutic Family Contact Supervision, Mental Health Recovery, Carer Respite and Disability Care services and a specialised team of clinicians and therapists providing trauma-informed therapeutic services and groups. Most recently CASPA has also become a provider of Family Preservation and Early Intervention services.

The previous occupant of CASPA's head office building in Lismore, known as North Coast Children's Home, was featured in the proceedings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. We wish to clarify that we have no relationship with that entity. CASPA remains committed to the findings of the royal commission and promotes child safe practices. CASPA is committed to being available to anyone affected by institutional abuse and willing to provide support and counselling services to support recovery.