Mental Health Respite

Family and Carer Support Program: Mental Health Respite

This program is administered by CASPA Family Supports and is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. The objective of the program is to provide planned, flexible respite services for families & carers of people with a mental health diagnosis, Autism Spectrum Disorder or Intellectual Disability.

CASPA provides activity-based, recreational/social respite outings for the child, young person or adult of the carer. The service has two main aims:

    • To give the carer a break from their usual care role
    • To provide the service user with psycho-social rehabilitation to enhance opportunities to engage in activities of choice, support them to develop living and life skills, and to offer assistance with behavioural issues.

The program extends itself to a broad range of support options:

    • In house – where the carer may need to be away from the home
    • Drop In – provides a welfare check, supervision around medications and/or meal preparation
    • CASPA respite accommodation – where the recipient needs to be cared for outside the family home.

Target group

    • Carers of people with mental illness
    • Carers of people with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder who have complex care needs and/or behavioural issues
    • Carers of people with a dual diagnosis

Priority of service/criteria

    • Parent/carers over 65 years of age (or 50 if indigenous)
    • Carers aged 55 to 65 who care for people in the target group
    • Carers of any age who care for people in the target group, who require crisis respite care (unplanned respite).


Family Support and Early Intervention

Through the Casino Family Support Service, we provide information, advocacy, case management, home visits and counselling to children, young people and families with children.

The Casino Family Support Service is located at 73 North Street, Casino. Contacts: (02) 6662 6792,